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Karen Carter - Artist's Profile

Karen Carter worked initially in packaging design and then became a freelance greetings card and gift wrap designer, working for major companies throughout the UK and in the USA. Her images have also been licensed internationally on products from mobile phone covers, to gift tins. Karen is also an artist whose interest in contemporary design shines through in her work. She has exhibited work in contemporary art shows, and has a special interest in colour and developing her palette for maximum impact.
Karen's work is varied, and she works in many media and styles: her love of techniques is often developed through the teaching of art that she is often involved in. Shown here are her elegant design-led still lifes with flowers. Many of her joyous, cute children's illustrations of animals and characters are also shown below. Common to both types of work is her sophisticated use of colour. Karen is also a noted printmaker, working on both collagraphs and etchings.
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