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Howard Asher - Artist's Profile

Howard has embarked on a new venture in creating decorative paintings after a lifetime of working with colour and pattern in his career as an International Textile designer. He studied Textile Design at the Central School of Art and Design in London specialising in weaving, and after completion of the course travelled around Europe for eight months on a Leverhulme Study Travel Scholarship absorbing all the splendours of the museums and galleries. This was an invaluable grounding for his future career in design. Howard lived in London until he had established his design career, when he returned to Yorkshire where he was born to live near Holmfirth in the Pennines.
Howard has worked primarily in the United States and Europe designing woven and printed fabrics for fashion and the home, and has exhibited his work in France, Germany, Italy, the US and lastly in Shanghai. He now works in acrylics on block canvases beginning with colour washes over which are laid multi layers of colour patterns and textures. The imagery used comes from a lifetimes work in creating patterns and combines sources from Japan, India, Art Deco and many ethnic cultures. Howard has exhibited his work successfully in Yorkshire.
Marrakesh Series

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